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Monday, January 23, 2012

Pete agreed to let me blog about his vasectomy...

Pete and I were talking about his impending snipping the other day.

Pete: But, do you understand what they have to do to me? They are going to STAB A HOLE in my junk. This is traumatizing stuff.

Me: Oh, you mean traumatizing like when I needed to be stitched up after ripping my fricking hoo-ha to kingdom come only after having a spotlight on it for 8 hours? Cry me a river.

Pete: Fine, fine. You win. But it's still just a little bit scary.

Me: Ummmmm, still nothin'.

Pete: But then they're going to burn my gonads so my dudes can't swim.

Me: Did I mention that I still have hemorrhoids from pushing out our son?

Pete: Wow, you truly are a cold heartless shell of a human.
(He didn't actually say that; I made it up for dramatic effect.)

Is there something wrong with me? I can't muster one ounce of sympathy for my husband who is obviously a little nervous about the procedure. Was I so traumatized by labor that I'm thoroughly convinced that no one could possibly understand the pain? Do I feel anything at all??????

Ok, that last one was a little dramatic. This post feels like an episode of Days of Our Lives.


  1. No. Seriously, having a 1/4" incision made and a tube clipped is NOTHING compared to a fourth degree tear straight down after 12 hours of hard labor. Or is tht just me? ;-)

    1. absofrickinlutely! I don't think i'll ever heal completely. :)

  2. If this is his before reaction, just wait until the after! Get him Valium or something before he goes-you won't regret it!

  3. Having given birth twice now, I find myself... uncaring about a 1/4" incision. I've had bigger incisions for other procedures and would much rather do that again.

  4. Get him out the "little violins" as I like to say.


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