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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're Failures

Soap opera conversation between me and Pete as we dine on our lovely McDonald's value meals at lunch:

Me: Something's gotta give. We have way too much shit going on right now. I'm feeling overwhelmed. We need to cut something out of our lives. 

Pete: What do you think we should cut?

Me: Well, we can't quit our jobs. We can't get rid of one of the kids. I think we need to think about giving Sid to a family who can take better care of him. 

Pete: Noooooooo!!!! I will not be defeated by our hyper dog! He will be tamed!

Me: Babe, we need to be reasonable. Sid needs way more time and attention than we can give him with two young kids. This just didn't work out as we have hoped. It's ok to admit that we made a mistake. 

Pete: But I don't make mistakes. I married you, right? 

Then he reached across the table and pulled me into a passionate embrace, kissing me with the heat of a thousand suns as the people sitting in the booth behind us erupted in thunderous applause. 

Yes, this is some good soap action.  

Soap Opera Pete is way more emotive than the real Pete. The real Pete somewhat begrudgingly agreed that it's time to make a change. I think it helps that everyone in our lives is saying the same thing. I spoke with the family we got him from and they are being very understanding. So, it looks like we will more than likely be saying goodbye to our puppy sometime soon. Hurry up and come over if you want to get a goodbye bite from him. 
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